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When it comes to revolutionizing sleep, Casper Mattresses stand out as a leader in the field. Utilizing cutting-edge engineering and premium materials, Casper has succeeded in creating a mattress that offers the perfect blend of support and comfort. Known for its unique, multi-layer foam construction, the Casper mattress is designed to suit all sleep positions and body types. The top layer of breathable foam helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool all night long, while the underlying memory foam and support layers provide a contouring feel that relieves pressure points. Coupled with a hassle-free, direct-to-door delivery and a generous trial period, Casper makes it easier than ever to upgrade your sleep experience. Whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or someone who tosses and turns, Casper’s got your back, literally.


Casper Mattress Material And Construction

1. Open-cell foam: The top layer is a 1.5-inch layer of breathable memory foam that is lightweight and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.


2. Responsive Memory Foam: The second 1.5-inch layer is designed to produce enough bounce and “rebound” to make the mattress mobile and responsive when tossing, turning and changing positions.


3. Zoned Support Layer: This trademarked addition to their foam mattresses is a Casper original. This 1.5-inch layer is divided into different foam zones (top, middle and bottom) to better support different parts of the body.


4. Durable Support Foam: This 5-inch thick layer of firm foam provides support for the upper layer and stabilizes the mattress.

Sales Champion - Casper Element Mattress

If you’re shopping for a mattress online, you’ve probably come across one of the giants of the mattress-in-a-box industry, Casper. While Casper makes a range of all-foam and hybrid mattresses, there’s no better seller than the Casper Element, which features an innovative cooling system and a perforated, breathable top layer of foam that keeps you cool and dry all night long and provides a soothing balance of softness and support.

Casper Sleep Element Mattress

Element is an affordable all-foam mattress. the Element mattress demonstrates the comfort of the Casper, combining a balance of softness and support. The innovative cooling system is designed to keep you cool all night long with AirScape, a perforated, breathable foam topper that reduces heat and has small holes to pull hot air and body heat away. A layer of memory foam conforms to your body to reduce pressure, and a durable base foam prevents sinking while providing full-body support.

Sales Runner-up - Casper Original Mattress

The Casper Original is its benchmark mattress, made of three layers of foam wrapped in a hybrid fabric cover made of polyester, cotton, rayon and Lycra. The top inner layer of the Casper Original is made of perforated foam designed to promote airflow and improve your sleep experience by helping to keep you cool. The next layer consists of memory foam with “zoned support” and finally the base layer, which is denser and more durable, designed to provide support and prevent you from sinking.

Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Original Hybrid mattress features three layers of premium foam that provide all-night comfort through an innovative support system. Plus springs for added lift and airflow, Zoned Support helps align your spine with head-to-toe support, softer under the shoulders and firmer in the hips, lower back and lower back. AirScape perforated breathable foam top layer increases airflow and allows air circulation to keep you cool at night. Premium foam is soft and flexible, conforming to your body to relieve pressure. Resilient springs add a little lift, support and airflow to the mattress of your dreams.

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress

The Casper Original foam mattress has a balanced combination of support and cooling to provide you with the best night’s rest. Zoned Support ergonomically aligns your spine, and AirScape lets air circulate to keep you cool. With Casper’s innovative mattress formula, 4D Sleep Technology, it combines a proprietary combination of materials to unlock the best sleep for you – for a better tomorrow. This premium foam is soft and flexible, conforming to your body to relieve pressure. And the durable base foam prevents sinking and sagging and supports your entire body.

Newest Model - Casper Nova Mattress

Nova Hybrid has two comfort layers. The top layer consists of AirScape open-cell foam. The second comfort layer, also AirScape foam, is divided into three firm zones. This ensures enhanced support for the lower back and hips, as well as gentler support for the rest of the body. The Nova Hybrid also has a transition memory foam layer divided into seven firmness levels for additional zonal reinforcement.

Casper Sleep Nova Hybrid Mattress

The Nova Hybrid mattress has the most luxurious plush feel without sacrificing support or cooling, plus springs for added lift and airflow. The velvety soft layers make sleeping in extra comfortable. The top layer has a pillow-like fabric that cradles your body and makes you feel like you’re sinking into a cloud. Zoned Support Pro has 7 zones targeted to support healthy spinal alignment. Softer foam around the shoulders provides additional relief for the upper body. Multiple ergonomic points relieve pressure on the shoulders, hips, lower back and lower back. Provides more support where you need it and the luxury you crave.

luxury - Casper Wave Mattress

This is Casper’s most expensive mattress, with special materials to keep you cool, relieve pressure and provide support. Wave is an all-foam model consisting of five different layers. Wave Hybrid is a hybrid model consisting of five different layers. Four different layers of proprietary foam sit on top of a pocketed foam-wrapped coil core to provide additional bounce, breathability and edge support.

Casper Sleep Wave Foam Mattress

Wave Foam has a continuous ergonomic contiguous zone with gel pods for full body pain relief. Softer foam around the shoulders provides additional relief for the upper body. Healthy spinal alignment for all sleep positions. The state-of-the-art cooling system AirScape 3 helps you maintain the perfect temperature all night long. 3 layers of perforated breathable foam help keep you cool. Air channels allow heat to escape to prevent overheating. Added cooling gel feels refreshing at night. Durable base foam prevents sinking and sagging and supports the entire body.

Casper Sleep Wave Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is a luxury mattress that combines the pressure relief of a full foam mattress with the resilient support of a built-in innerspring bed. It performs well across the board, making it a great choice for most sleepers, including couples, hot sleepers and those with back pain. The Wave Hybrid features ZonedSupport Max, continuous support zones for full body relief, and gel pods under the lumbar area and back for added support. Three layers of AirScape perforated breathable foam with cooling gel help you go to sleep cool and wake up refreshed.


CertiPUR-US Certified

Casper mattresses take the concept of sleep safety to a new level, ensuring that their products are not only comfortable, but also non-toxic and environmentally responsible. All Casper foam mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified, which guarantees the absence of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ozone-depleting substances, and heavy metals such as mercury and lead. The certification also ensures low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions for indoor air quality, making it the choice of health-conscious consumers.

Designed for Cool Sleep

In a market inundated with mattresses that promise restful sleep, Casper stands out for its specific focus on cool sleeping. Understanding that overheating is a common issue that disrupts quality sleep, Casper Mattresses are engineered with innovative cooling technologies aimed at providing optimal thermal comfort. One of the key features is the use of breathable, open-cell foam that encourages air circulation, effectively dissipating heat and keeping the sleeping surface cool. This is paired with a moisture-wicking cover that further enhances the mattress’s cooling properties by drawing away sweat and moisture. The result is a sleep environment that remains consistently cool throughout the night, a significant advantage for those living in warmer climates or prone to night sweats.

Easy Home Delivery and 100-Night Trial

Casper revolutionizes the mattress-buying experience by offering a seamless home delivery service along with an industry-leading trial period. Gone are the days when you would awkwardly lie down on multiple mattresses in a showroom, trying to make a quick judgment. With Casper, your mattress is conveniently shipped right to your doorstep in a compact box, making the unboxing process almost as delightful as the sleep that follows. But what truly sets Casper apart is its generous 100-night trial period. The brand understands that it takes more than a few minutes—or even a few nights—to truly get to know a mattress. The 100-night trial allows you ample time to adjust to your new sleep setting and make a well-informed decision. If you’re not completely satisfied, Casper offers hassle-free returns and a full refund. This level of commitment to customer satisfaction underscores why Casper is a vanguard in the sleep solutions industry.

  • Before You Buy

Make sure you use a sturdy non-spring foundation or bed frame with slats spaced less than 4 inches apart between bed panels to ensure proper support.

casper All mattresses are available in six standard sizes to fit regular sheets. The Queen and King are the most popular choices, while the Cal King is perfect for taller sleepers.

Sleeping hot is a common problem. That’s why snow technology is used in the Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid mattresses. Now you can sleep for more than 12 hours.

Hybrid mattresses combine the pressure release of foam with the firm feel of elastic springs for added support and bounce.

Memory foam is a synthetic material that is known for its use in mattresses. Its softness, durability and ability to absorb heat provide support for aching joints and make it popular among sleepers of all body types and sleep styles.

Casper Pillows

If you’ve ever slept on a Casper mattress, you know that casper has a reputation for creating the most comfortable bedding available. Their pillows are no exception, and if you’re looking for pillows with support and softness, Casper has three great options for you to choose from. With high-quality materials and cooling systems, you should be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep in luxury. You can pair the pillows with one of Casper’s popular beds to take your comfort to the next level and do all your shopping in one trip.

Casper Sleep Pillow

This is a unique pillow that can meet the needs of all sleepers. The Casper Sleep Original pillow’s buoyant core and plush, resilient outer layer work together to support all sleep positions. Filled with nearly 1 billion microfibers, this pillow is adaptable and responds to your movements throughout the night.

Casper Sleep Foam Pillow

The Casper Foam Pillow features three layers of support and cooling foam for a unique huggable feel. The carefully designed inner layer conforms to your head and neck in all sleeping positions, while the two plush outer layers provide cushioned comfort. Tiny channels in the foam circulate air out to keep you from overheating.

Casper Sleep Down Pillow

Fluffy and supportive, it’s filled with 100% down for natural, luxurious comfort. The unique 5-chamber design combines ventilated comfort with responsive support. The outer chamber provides light, airy comfort, while the inner chamber provides healthy support for your neck. Together, they create a luxurious feel that fits any sleep position.

Sleep cool

The 100% cotton cover is made of breathable percale weave. It increases airflow, so you always sleep cool.

Promotes wellness

The supportive inner layer conforms to your head and neck in all sleep positions, while the plush outer layer provides cushioned comfort.

Air Circulation

Tiny channels in the foam are designed to prevent you from overheating by circulating the air out.

Huge foam

The foam pillow combines low and high density foam for a luxuriously soft feel that will make you feel happy and comfortable every night.

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