As humans, we actually spend a third of our time in bed. So you want to make sure you’re comfortable. A good mattress will support your joints and relieve pressure points, making you feel more relaxed so you can fall asleep more easily.

From memory foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses to cooling mattresses, there are many options, some of which combine different technologies. Ultimately, the best mattress for you is the one that meets your specific needs or solves a problem. For example, if you struggle with back pain, you need a mattress designed specifically for that problem. The same goes for sleep details, such as the tendency to sleep only on your side or to overheat at night.

Sleep disruption comes from having a mattress that doesn’t match your preferences. Because your comfort is compromised, it can leave you feeling restless in the morning. A good mattress can last up to 10 years, so it should be a worthwhile investment.

Before you decide to buy a mattress, let's look at the type of mattress that fits your needs.

  • Built-In spring mattresses use metal spring cores inside the foam and padding, hence the term built in spring. The material and construction of these springs or coils will tell you how long the mattress will last and the type of support it can provide to the user.

    Built-In Spring Mattresses
  • Pocketed or pocketed spring mattresses are made with individual springs wrapped or encased in fabric or similar materials to prevent "rolling together" and reduce motion transfer. Pocketed springs also provide better support for the body.

    Pocketed spring mattresses
  • Foam mattresses are probably the most basic mattress option on the market. Although there is high-quality foam on the market, it does not provide excellent support and is usually relegated to the spare bedroom.

    Foam mattresses
  • Latex is made from natural rubber and is very durable. Of all types of mattresses, this one has the longest life expectancy. The material is less likely to produce mold and harbor bugs, so it is highly recommended for people with allergies and sensitivities.

    Latex mattresses
  • The pillow top mattress is more of an add-on to the mattress rather than a stand-alone. It sits on top of the mattress for added comfort. Most upscale hotels have this, so if you want a hotel-style sleep experience, it's worth it.

    Pillow Top Mattress
  • Hybrid mattresses combine the best features of different types of mattresses to customize a unique product. Firmness, thickness and support vary depending on the different needs of the customer. This is perfect for people with strict tastes or specific preferences, especially those with health issues.

    Hybrid mattresses


Next, let’s see what are the best mattress brands

Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress offers full foam and hybrid models with extra support or extra cooling. airScape perforated breathable foam layers increase airflow and circulate air so you don’t get too hot at night. Casper mattresses also offer zoned pressure relief, which means they can relieve back, hip and shoulder pain; and have a resilient innerspring mattress that provides extra lift, support and airflow. The mattresses are designed for a variety of sleep positions, including side, stomach and rear sleepers.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle mattresses are known for their foamy but resilient feel. Its mattress line includes three models: Tuft & Needle, Mint and Hybrid. Tuft & Needle and Mint are all-foam models, while Hybrid pairs foam and coils. The comfort layer consists of 3 inches of T&N Adaptive Foam. This proprietary foam is high-density and therefore durable. It is infused with graphite and ceramic gel to carry heat away rather than trapping it in the sleeper’s body. 7 inches of high-density open-cell foam acts as a support core to resist sagging and long-term impressions while providing uniform support.

Nectar Mattress

In recent years, Nectar Sleep has become one of the most popular online mattress and bedding brands in the country. The flagship Nectar model is a great choice for anyone who likes the signature “body hug” of memory foam, which creates the feeling of “sleeping on” rather than “sleeping in” the mattress. on a mattress. Excellent motion isolation ensures undisturbed sleep for most couples, while the even contouring reduces discomfort for sleepers with shoulder, lower back and hip pain or pressure points.

Zinus Mattress

The Zinus brand is known for creating value mattresses with an emphasis on comfort, using a variety of stylish materials, infusing their mattresses with natural ingredients such as charcoal, green tea and olive oil, and using CertiPUR-US certified foam to eliminate chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde and phthalates.Zinus produces three different types of mattresses: memory foam, iCoil hybrid mattresses and innerspring mattresses. Those looking for an affordable option will be excited about the Zinus brand.

Purple Mattress

The key to Purple’s success is its proprietary Purple Grid, a unique technology consisting of a super-elastic polymer molded into the shape of a grid, a gel-like substance that provides a great deal of pressure relief. the Purple Grid conforms to the contours of the body like memory foam, but feels more responsive. The spaces in the grid allow airflow, making Purple a cooling mattress. It is truly unlike any other mattress material and is both firm and pressure relieving, making it a very durable mattress.

Linenspa Mattress

Linenspa is a very affordable mattress company that offers four mattress types, memory foam, built-in spring, memory foam blend, and latex blend. the Linenspa mattress has a firm feel and is rated 7 on a 10-point firmness scale. this rating puts Linenspa at the firmer end of the firmness range that most sleepers tend to prefer. A blend of polyester, rayon and polypropylene makes up the mattress cover. Memory foam is quilted into the cover for a more comfortable feel. The comfort layer is cushioned with 1.5 inches of foam.

Ashley Mattress

Ashley Sleep mattresses are manufactured by Ashley Furniture, the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, and are available in three lines: Ashley Sleep, Sierra Sleep and Chime. the Ashley Sleep line offers a variety of hybrid, memory foam and built-in spring models with a variety of different sleep features at an affordable price. Ashley Sleep’s memory foam mattresses have little to no bounce, which means they’re perfect for motion isolation and provide maximum support with their firm feel.

Classic Brands Mattress

Classic Brands offers seven mattress lines – Cool Gel, Memory Foam, Hybrid, Innerspring, Latex, Futon and Specialty Sofa mattresses. Sleepers all need supportive mattresses, especially those with backs and stomachs. Side sleepers also need a responsive mattress that fits their body. For most sleepers, these mattresses provide excellent support. Classic Brands’ Cool Gel memory foam mattress uses a specially enhanced version of its basic memory foam. The material is shot through with gel particles that keep the foam cells more open, allowing air to flow through it more efficiently.

Olee Sleep Mattress

Olee Sleep is a super affordable mattress brand that comes in both built-in spring and gel memory foam options. Their sleep mattresses are priced lower than most competitors you’ll find online. For those who are looking for a budget mattress, Olee Sleep offers a cheaper collection. Like all other memory foam mattress brands, their products are made in Southeast Asian countries, not in the U.S. Olee Sleep mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, so there are no toxic chemicals.

Novilla Mattress

Novilla is a great brand of mattress, sourcing environmentally friendly and quality materials and is CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified to provide you with a safe and comfortable mattress. The soft top cooling and comfort foam layer conforms closely to your body shape and weight and dynamically distributes pressure from your back, shoulders and hips. The memory foam mattress features a 4-layer design for superior softness and responsive support that promotes proper spinal alignment regardless of your sleep position.

Sweetnight Mattress

SweetNight has gained a large number of devotees because of its affordable prices and high quality products. It offers both full foam mattresses and coil mattresses with foam comfort layers. One product, SweetNight 10-inch gel memory foam, has made headlines online for its ability to relieve back, joint and neck pain. sweetnight mattresses have OEKO-TEX certification, plus they use CertiPUR-US foam, which means the foam contains no ozone depleting agents or heavy metals and has indoor air quality of VOC emissions are low.

Sleep Innovations Mattress

Sleep Innovations specializes in foam bedding products, such as mattresses, mattress covers and pillows. It also makes hybrid mattresses. Seven different mattress models are available in three different firmness levels to meet a variety of sleeper preferences. Each Sleep Innovations mattress features foam and memory foam as the primary comfort layer. These mattresses have an above-average lifespan, are largely isolated from motion, and are virtually noiseless.

PrimaSleep Mattress

At PrimaSleep, sleep experts understand that everyone’s sleep preferences vary, which is why they produce a wide range of affordable, quality mattresses to meet the needs of their valued customers. Whether it’s soft, firm, cool, or comfortable, you can get the mattress you want at a great price. PrimaSleep uses certified foam materials to construct mattresses that meet specific standards for performance, internal chemical emissions and ecological impact. Best of all, each mattress has an unparalleled knit cover that works on the sides of the memory foam layers to take advantage of cooling and comfort.

Molblly Mattress

If you’re looking for an all-foam mattress that’s affordable but still offers great value and comfort, then you should definitely check out Molblly mattresses.Molblly is committed to creating high-quality products at an affordable price and is a brand that is dedicated to innovating and improving mattress designs for its customers.Molblly mattresses are made with pressure-relieving memory foam and topped with a gel memory foam layer with a breathable jacquard cover that provides a cool and plush feel. All components of the mattress are certified and meet health standards.

Amazon Basics Mattress

The AmazonBasics mattresses are all-foam mattresses made of three layers of foam and a polyester cover. Available in 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch profiles, all three models feature a top layer made of memory foam, with a 2-inch layer of inflatable foam beneath the memory foam. This layer promotes airflow and acts as a support core for the transition. Along with the memory foam, it also helps absorb motion to prevent nighttime disruptions while sleeping with your partner. The support core consists of a firmer foam that acts as a base to help promote proper spinal alignment.

JINGWEI Mattress

The JINGWEI mattress combines advanced sleep technology with the best materials to provide you with a peaceful and pain-free sleep. The cooling gel particles filter out excess heat from the mattress, keeping you cool and refreshed throughout the night. On top of that, the cooling gel mattress comes with a breathable cover of skin-friendly fabric that helps spread heat evenly throughout the mattress. In addition, to increase airflow throughout the mattress, the middle layer is constructed as an airflow channel, which improves breathing capacity.

LUCID Mattress

When it comes to bed-in-a-box mattresses, there are mattresses for every budget. Less expensive is Lucid, one of the best-selling mattress brands on Amazon and a great choice for frugal shoppers. Lucid offers 14 different mattresses made from memory foam, latex, coils or some combination of the three, with a range of thicknesses, firmnesses and styles to suit different sleep positions, body types and personal preferences. With its large selection of mattresses, Lucid is well known in the bed-in-a-box world.

Vibe Mattress

A high quality bed is the key to a good night’s sleep and a healthy lifestyle. Vibe mattresses offer comprehensive comfort, support and pressure point relief, as well as durable design and construction with a high-density foam support core and breathable stretch knit cover. If you want a cool sleeping surface with low motion transfer and optimal spinal support, the Vibe Gel Memory Mattress is a viable option, whether you’re a sensitive sleeper sharing a bed with a restless partner, a price-conscious shopper or a side sleeper.

Choose The Right Mattress For You By Sleeping Position

Are you a back sleeper, stomach sleeper or side sleeper? Some mattresses are better suited to one sleeping style on top of another. Before you start looking for a mattress, determine which sleeping position you feel most comfortable in.

Stomach sleepers usually need a medium-firm to firm mattress to prevent you from sagging into the bed. Side sleepers will benefit from a softer mattress that is better cushioned and aligned with the contours of your head, hips and legs. Rear sleepers have the most options, and whether you choose a plush or firm mattress really depends on personal preference. Do you like to sink into your bed or do you like the feeling of sleeping on it? Choose a softer mattress if you like the feeling of being cradled in your arms or want your back to feel soft; if you prefer more support, choose a firmer mattress.

Keep in mind that if you buy a memory foam mattress, the foam will usually respond to temperature and if your room is cold, your mattress may harden a bit and vice versa.

Mattress Size Guide

Size is an important consideration when looking for the best mattress for a good night's sleep. This is a guide to mattress sizes and dimensions to help you determine the best mattress for you and your bedroom.

Mattress Size Dimensions (Width x Length)
Single 915mm X 1900mm
Single XL 915mm X 2030mm
King Single 1055mm X 2030mm
Double 1385mm X 1900mm
Queen 1525mm X 2030mm
King 1835mm X 2030mm
Super King 2030mm X 2030mm

How Often Are Mattresses Replaced?

It depends. Experts say mattresses are usually replaced at least every seven to eight years, but according to sleep doctor Michael Breus, “Your body will ‘tell’ you when you need a new bed.” He says, “If you wake up stiff or sore, not from exercise or effort, but more than twice a week for more than two to three weeks, you probably need a new bed.” Just as our bodies change as we age, so do our mattresses. Over time, they lose support and comfort, making it necessary to replace it to maintain a consistent quality of sleep.