Designed for any sleep position

Casper Pillows

Founded in 2014, Casper Sleep is a bedding brand. Since its inception, Casper has expanded its product line to include other sleep products, including bed frames, bedding and pillows. Three different pillow types are currently offered: the Original Pillow, the Foam Pillow and the Down Pillow.


The Casper pillow is uniquely designed to be a “pillow within a pillow”. The inner pillow provides a liquid-like level of adaptability and support, while the outer pillow provides a softer softness. Overall, the design is different from many traditional pillows that have one type of filling. It has two different fillings that can change the feel. Most customers found the pillow comfortable and had positive emotions, mentioning that it was good for sleeping on your back.


Below you will find an in-depth look at the important differences between casper’s three pillows, including materials and construction.

Casper Sleep Original Pillow

This flagship model is a down alternative pillow made with a microfiber polyester fill and 100% cotton cover. Its corner spacers are designed to help maintain its loft and keep the inner fill evenly distributed. the Original Casper pillow is rated medium soft on the firmness scale and is available in standard and king sizes.


Soft, but supportive.

The innovative pillow design combines a soft outer pillow with a soft outer pillow so you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Fluffy, adaptive filling.

Nearly a billion tiny fibers are blown into the pillow, creating an adaptive surface that supports you thoroughly – no matter your sleeping position.

The cool side of the pillow

Both sides. Made with a breathable Percale weave, the 100% cotton cover lets air flow through so you can stay cool.

Casper Sleep Foam Pillow

The foam pillow is made with a molded foam core that is contoured for enhanced comfort. Its three-layer design provides a firm, supportive foam core sandwiched between two layers of memory foam to provide comfortable comfort and pressure relief on the pillow surface.Casper foam pillows are rated medium on the firmness scale and are available in standard and extra-large sizes.

Supportive, yet comfortable.

3 layers of support foam designed for proper alignment throughout the night. Your neck will thank you in the morning.

Keeping you cool.

Specially designed to prevent overheating, Airscape foam features hundreds of perforations that push heat away for your deepest, coolest sleep.

Unique and amiable.

Unlike other foam pillows, this one combines low-density and high-density foam to follow the night for a luxurious, squeezable feel that lasts night after night.

Casper Sleep Down Pillow

This is Casper’s premium pillow model.The Casper Down Pillow features an ethical down and chamber design that allows Casper to use a higher percentage of down inside the pillow without sacrificing comfort.The Casper Down Pillow is rated soft on the firmness scale and is available in standard and extra-large sizes.


Puffy, cloudy comfort.

The most luxurious fluffy pillow filled with high quality cloudy, cloud-like feeling.


Responsive support.

Unique 5-chamber design adapts to any sleeping position, so the neck is comfortable all night long.


Come down ethically.

Coming down is as moral as you can feel good in natural comfort.

The pillow of your dreams
Made for all sleeping positions

Whether you sleep on your back, front or side, the pillow is designed to support you.

Meticulous design

casper s design team has met every detail to ensure optimal support and comfort.

Easy care

Lower pillow, original pillow and foam pillow cover are machine washable.

How to choose the right pillow?

The performance of your pillow depends heavily on your own unique comfort preferences. A pillow that works for one sleeper may not work for another. Some sleepers prefer a soft, form-fitting, highly moldable pillow, while others need a firm and supportive pillow. Hot sleepers and those who live in warmer climates may prioritize finding pillows that help keep them cooler. There are several other factors to consider when buying a new pillow, including durability, shape retention and odor potential.

1. Pillow Loft: This is the compression height of the pillow when your head is resting on it. You will usually find low, medium or high loft options.


2. Sturdiness of pillow material: Different materials will vary in sturdiness. How do you like the company of the pillow best plays a role in your personal comfort level.


3. Firmness of the mattress: This is a very important factor that should not be overlooked. A soft mattress is as firm as your pillow should be.


4. Your normal sleeping position: Your entry sleeping position will determine the ideal pillow loft. Usually, you need a higher loft pillow for sleeping when compared to your back. .


5. Your weight and shoulder width: The width of your shoulders and your weight can help you determine the pillow loft you should be looking for.

Adjust yourself to get a better night's sleep.

Backrest Pillow

Backrest pillows can be a useful or even essential addition to your bed, or for use at home. Backrest pillows for beds help create a more comfortable resting and sleeping environment, while also promoting better posture and alignment – which is great. Backrest pillows can also be used as “reading pillows” for those who need extra support when sitting up in bed to read a book.

The Casper backrest pillow features an ergonomic teardrop design, as well as supportive inner and outer foam layers. In short, it’s the perfect pillow that’s equally soft and supportive.

Provides extra support for all shapes and sizes

Ergonomic teardrop design keeps your back in the right position and provides extra lumbar support so you can rest easy.

Balanced Comfort

casper Combines a supportive internal foam layer with a soft fiber outer layer for the perfect balance of softness and support.

For rest and relaxation

Whether you’re reading in bed or just hanging out around the house, the backrest pillows add extra support wherever you’re relaxing.

How often should I replace my pillows?

Ideally, you should replace your pillow every one to two years, but this time frame can vary depending on several factors. The following are reasons why you may need to replace your pillows:

Pillows can get dirty

While we sleep, we get oil and debris embedded in our skin on the pillow (not just the pillowcase - the actual pillow).

Pillows lose their shape

As our pillows age, they tend to lose their shape. If you fold, bend or squeeze your pillow, this can turn down.

Pillows are no longer comfortable

No matter how long anyone's pillow lasts, if your pillow isn't meeting the reason for its existence, it's time to retire.